Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why We Are Here vs Why Are We Here?!?!

A few weeks ago we were at a friend's house for lunch and I was helping prepare the food.  My friend hurriedly asked me to come cut vegetables.  It was odd that she seemed rushed but I happily agreed, thrilled that I was allowed to help and no longer viewed as a guest.  But as I began to chop I watched her pull out her prayer rug and line up behind the men, realizing why she was in a hurry.  My heart sank as my precious friend followed the ritual.  She is not a number among the lost, she is my friend who I'm sharing life with.  She is the mother of some sweet kids who fill my house with laughter.  She is a faithful wife and she doesn't know Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  I fought back tears as I prayed and begged God to reveal Himself to her and her family.  This is why we are here I thought.  For the thousands of family's in this city just like this one who have never heard.

Not long ago I found myself at another family's home.  The final call to prayer had gone off and after a day of fasting everyone began to eat and drink.  The spread of food was amazing!  I got my kiddos settled at the table and sat with them while my man sat with the men.  One of my kids sat at the table crying and was refusing to eat.  I still don't know what caused the meltdown except that despite having a late snack we were eating dinner several hours later than usual.  Another kiddo had already eaten an entire plate of food and was whining for more of everything before I even sat down and the baby decided it was time for her to eat too.

I took the crying big kid to the bathroom and had a little chat with her.  The host family was making a huge fuss over her and it was really only making the situation worse.  She couldn't tell me why she was so upset but calmed down a bit.  Then I took the crying baby to the other room to nurse her.  This triggered all my kids to get up from the table and follow me.  I was on the verge of a meltdown!   I can't even eat with the family because my kids are out of control! I can't even use all the language I've been practicing to tell them stories from the Word.  Why are we even here?!??!

I battle the two situations above almost daily.   In one moment it is so crystal clear why we are here and we are so confident in our call.  The next we look around at our struggle to make it through the day and wonder if it is all pointless.  Will there ever be fruit?

Pray for us to be faithful even when it seems that all is lost.  We trust the Father is working things for the good.